New or Old?

The durable argument of whether it’s best to buy a new home or older one dates back centuries. And it’s never quite been resolved.

For every qualifier, there’s a disqualifier. For every “on one hand,” there’s an “on the other hand.”

Homebuilders and old-line real estate sales people might even bicker heatedly about the topic, with their own “Looks-great! Less-fulfilling!” twist on the old light-beer argument.

The truth is, builders can never fully re-create the nation’s quaint old neighborhoods, where every house was built architecturally distinct from the neighbor’s. And home buyers will never be able to fully assemble their dream homes the way they can on a vacant lot with a fantaz view.

So the choice between the two is always a relative call, not a dollar-and-cents one. There are many factors beyond economics that drive the decision. Buying a home should be more of a lifestyle decision, because so much of the economics are beyond your control.